Do you know Dan Stevens? Of course you do. You might not know him by name, but you watch Downton Abbey. You watch it with your mom, over holidays, while drinking cocoa, and watch him depict Matthew. And you weep. You weep at all the poignant lines. Here. Look at him in this tuxedo. You know exactly what he looks like. This is what he looks like:

Downton Abbey matthew

OR DO YOU? This is actually what he looks like now, at the 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards:

24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards Presented By Ketel One And Wells Fargo - Red CarpetBasically he looks as though he’s lost a ton of weight, and gotten some facial hair, and now he looks kind of like Ethan Hawke? But a more angular Ethan Hawke, somehow. And an Ethan Hawke whose eyes perfectly match the shade of cerulean used in the word “glaad” on those banners, and, wow, Dan Stevens is really attractive in a very au courant way. He’s not just attractive in a floppy haired, old fashioned way. He’s also not attractive because all men are attractive in tuxedos. He’s attractive the way characters in teen movies who wear suits to school are attractive.

So, I guess that is something we learned today. That’s nice for him, being attractive and also unrecognizable.

Picture via Downton Abbey, Getty

Via Buzzfeed