As we gear up for the Royal Wedding, date coach Matt Titus weighs in on what Kate did right – and wrong. If you want more information on how you can find your own prince, he is offering a 45 minute session for $39 through KGB Deals.

Kate got nicknamed Waity Kaity after waiting for William to propose for 7 years. How long would you recommend people wait for someone they’re in a relationship with to commit?

18 months. We do a lot of research regarding men and commitment, so once the relationship has been established for exclusivity it should be no longer the 18 months. If a man can’t get your life with him together in that time frame then he’s sending you a signal that you’re not the one.

Does that time frame change dependent on circumstances? If say, his parents went through a messy divorce as Prince William’s did?

A man is a man is a man. We talk about a way to treat a man the first 90 days, capital MANagement. Even though a guy might be a notorious successful bachelor or have family problems, you can take these mitigating circumstances into account, but the baseline is 18 months. No matter what experiences he’s had, he should be able to get it together in that time-frame.

Prince William said years ago that he didn’t want to get married until 28. Now, both he and Kate are 28, and getting married. Do you feel that’s an appropriate age?

I don’t think men are ready to commit until they are 35. No matter who they are. I think if you can be as established as possible, living a single life and being selfish for a while, all these things are very important. And that’s what makes me believe you have to be in your mid thirties. Of course, it’s a different situation because they’re royalty, but I think in general 35 years old is the best age.

Kate used a sheer dress to catch Prince William’s attention. Should women err on the side of provocative clothing when on the first date?

Definitely. Men are driven by what they see. You need to ask yourself: what is your value proposition? Aesthetically is it your breast, your hips, your legs? Whatever it is, accentuate it! Not to the hooker extent. But if you have great boobs wear your best bra and make sure there is some cleavage, if you have a great butt play that up. Do something that will create a sexual fantasy in the guy’s mind and let him chase that fantasy for as long as possible. It’s the guy. It’s all the guy determining this. Men are instinctively driven by sexuality, and women need to know how to handle that.

Kate is a commoner and Will is a royal. Do you think coming from different backgrounds can create problems in a relationship?

Absolutely. I used to think opposites attract. I still believe they do attract initially, but there become problems once that attraction fades. So things like upbringing, financial and social status, those things always help a relationship. Though I think the royals need to be able to have it their way, and I think when a commoner comes into their home turf, or their culture, it’s a given that they’ll have to abide by the royal’s rules. I think there could be a lot of conflicts with two royals based on royal cultures, because they might be used to very different things, and both could be uncompromising. A commoner will bend a lot easier and follow the rules a bit better than someone who has the same type of fame and paparazzi following them around.

How can you politely tell your man he is balding?

I think you always need to be positive. If he’s balding and has a great looking face, say “you have a great jawline and your eyes really pop. Shave your head! Because your head isn’t accenting how great the rest of you is.” It always hs to be backed up by a positive comment. Say “you have a great body, you have a lot of testosterone, your hair just isn’t doing you any favors.”