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Seriously, how great is it to date guys who work in finance?

Approximately as great or as not great as it is to date guys in any profession. Because not dating anyone on the basis of their occupation – provided their occupation is not “serial killer” – is biased and pretty silly.

Which goes against the YourTango piece on 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Date Finance Guys. The author explains:

I’ve been on a few dates with guys who work in “finance” —  as in, they can’t explain to me in 10 words or less what it is exactly that they do with all those numbers and dollar signs all day long  (and hey, as a creative girl who writes for a living, I’m not about to ask them to elaborate).

If that’s why you’re not dating anyone who works in finance, then you are missing out on a really big aspect of life. Understanding, vaguely, how the economy and financial institutions work is a really good life skill. Yes, it will take more than ten words, but that understanding will help even ladies in creative professions learn how to invest their money wisely. Dismissing it all as “number puzzles!” is only cute if everyone knows that you actually do know what, say, a risk-free rate of return is. So, yes, not dating finance guys because you don’t understand anything about their profession would be like if you tried to explain your creative writing profession to a guy and he said “whoa there, I’m not into reading! Too many words!” That’s not an appropriate response.

It seems unfair to generalize about likable traits finance guys often possess, because you’ll meet good people and awful people from every walk of life, but since they’re having a terrible week I’m going to do so anyway.  [tagbox tag=”dating”]

1) They’re pretty smart. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t have a job in finance at this point. And if you do let them talk about what they do for more than ten words, it’s often pretty interesting, in the way “how the world operates and does not descend into some kind of Mad Max dystopia” is interesting.

2) Following up on that, they’ll be almost comically grateful if you ask even halfway intelligent questions about what they do. Or just let them talk about it for ten minutes. I remember a friend of mine who works in finance was trying to tell some girl on his first date about what he did, and she immediately grabbed his hand and said “but tell me about your passion!” He did not know how to say “I chose this job because I find it legitimately interesting.” Presumably, rock musicians do not have this problem.

3) They tend to be assertive. If you’ve ever hung out on a freezing rooftop waiting for a feeble liberal arts major to kiss you while he talks about Arcade Fire and kind of gently touches your hand until you finally say “you could kiss me now” you know that this is a desirable quality.

4) They also tend to be pretty organized. Finance guys do not say “let’s hang out sometime” so much as they tend to say “let’s hang out Saturday evening.” And then they do. It’s not really a profession that allows for a ton of flakiness.

5) They tend to be straightforward. Finance is rarely a profession that allows for a lot of touchy-feely nuanced discussions about how feelings work. If finance guys like something they will let you know in a direct way. The same goes if they don’t like something. There won’t be many mixed signals. If you’re someone who is thrown by the sentence “you make me happy insofar as another person can make someone else happy which, from a philosophical perspective, maybe they can’t” and would prefer it read “you make me happy” then finance guys might not be a bad way to go.

6) They tend to be driven to succeed. That carries over into the bedroom. I cannot believe I just typed that sentence, but, yes.

7) They tend to have really good hair. That just came out of nowhere, and was a lie, most of the time, but what the hell. It must be tough being grouped in a profession presumably mostly known for writing loonbat letters at this point.