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I’m really excited for this week’s Dating Hijinks, not just because it comes from a friend, but because it’s part of her lasting legacy of some of the crazy stuff she pulled in college. This particular “date” was one of her finest moments.

It was back in college. I had just broken up with my boyfriend when I started casually dating J. He was the complete opposite of my ex, and I think that’s exactly what I needed at that point in my life. He also had his life together and direction, unlike my ex, and everything about the two of them couldn’t have been anymore night and day.

Although our “dating” started as just sex, we eventually started going out on actual dates. Our college had a very small campus, so we’d meet each other downtown for coffee or a drink. I needed the male attention to get over my ex, and J filled those shoes perfectly. (I also secretly hoped my ex would see me out with him, because J was about five inches taller than my ex.)

One day we decided to go out to the beach for the afternoon. I offered to drive, because I didn’t use my car much in college and was excited to get behind the wheel. So there we were on our fifth or sixth date, driving down the main street in town, when I see my ex up ahead on the sidewalk with a girl. My stomach dropped and I began to shake. Instead of just continuing to look ahead and drive past them, I was so fixated on my ex that I just naturally veered my car in his direction, and before I knew it, my car was on the sidewalk. J pulled up the emergency break and we came to a screeching halt before I killed anyone or went smashing through the coffee shop window.

When my ex saw that it was me, he immediately started screaming, and calling me crazy. I kept telling him it was an accident and I would never try to hurt him. He didn’t believe me and proceeded to yell as loud as he could to anyone who was walking by that I had deliberately tried to kill him.

I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t stop crying. I was outside my car with my legs about to give out, my ex was accusing me of attempted murder, and the girl he was with, as well as J, were just watching in horror.

By the time the campus police showed up, my ex and I had calmed down. Although the girl he was with had stuck around to watch it all unfold, J took off. When I tried to contact him later that day, he told me it was best that I not see anyone until I could get control of my anger issues with my ex. Embarrassed, I deleted his number and never looked back.

I guess I should have known that trying to run over an ex, although subconsciously, is never a good way to make an impression on a date. It made a lasting impression for sure, but not the type I’d like anyone to have to remember.

Have you ever tried to run over an ex on a date, or anything else worthy of scandal, drama or insanity? Send me all your good and bad stuff:

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