This is what love looks like...

This is what love looks like…

On Wednesdays, Amanda Chatel will be sharing stories about her strange, fascinating and sometimes wonderful dating life. If it makes you want to date, check out TheGloss dating page.

If you all recall, I actually dared to inquire about where all the “good” dating stories were hiding. I wanted to believe they existed, because if they didn’t then the human race would have ceased long ago. Miraculously (like a Christmas miracle!), I did get all of two dating stories that actually make those of us questioning love, open our eyes and have a bit of hope.

So since it’s the holiday season, both this week and next, I’ll be sharing those “good” dating submissions with you. It’s going to be just like Love Actually sans the bad music and that annoying character named Colin.

We can thank reader, Kristina for this “real live love story.” Collectively: Thank you, Kristina!

J and I met online, as all good relationship stories start these days (OkCupid, if anyone wants to know where the good success stories come from.) I had, on a whim, decided to send out my first “icebreaker” to someone random who had something in common with my profile — namely that we are Jim Gaffigan fans. Perhaps it is a lame thing to have in common, but that hot pocket bit is hilarious. Go look it up and chuckle your little hearts out. Essentially an icebreaker is akin to blindly feeling around a dark room. You send it and hope that your winning personality and quips about Jim Gaffigan (of all things) will win someone over.

Mine did. We exchanged a couple of messages on the site then transitioned to gchat. We both had a policy of talking to someone for a week or so before meeting up; so, having started chatting in real time on a Sunday, we initially said the next weekend would be a good start for a first date. We liked each other so much we decided to meet on Tuesday.

We picked out a wine bar and met a couple of blocks away from it. He was cute! And not remotely creepy! We both went in for a hello hug and then began wandering toward the bar.

J and I settled down and decided on a couple of delicious sampler plates of cheese, meat, and olives. When the waitress came to take our order, though, we had yet to decide on a bottle of wine. J pointed to one, and the waitress briskly wrote our order and collected the menus. After some great conversation, laughter, and delicious social lubrication, the bill came. Prior to the date, we had discussed going dutch, which I was more than willing to do. However, when the $100+ bill came, he said he would pay because the company was worth it. He later told me that he pointed at the most expensive bottle as a kind of joke and that he felt too awkward to correct the mistake after the waitress took the order.

Despite having spent well over an hour in the wine bar, we decided the date wasn’t done and wandered over to the Holiday Lights Show at Columbus Circle, where we could both catch our trains. We stopped outside of Columbus Circle to look at the lights on the trees. Suddenly, he said “I’m just gonna go ahead and get this over with” and halfway through my “whaa?” he kissed me. It was a great first kiss. After, I complimented his skillful line. He laughed and told me he stole it from Good Will Hunting, one of my favorite movies.

That was three years ago this past November. We live together, have two cats, and have discovered a lot more in common than Jim Gaffigan. His family is from a county next to mine in upstate New York, we both love the adrenaline rush from roller coasters, and we have a dry, semi-sick sense of humor. And, I mean, he wooed me with overpriced wine and a line from Good Will Hunting. How could I not love that?

Le sigh. Who feels all warm and cozy now? Who still has a story to share? Come on, darlings, I’m running low on tales from you guys! Get on it:


Photo: United Artists, 1939