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I absolutely adore this story. Not just because of the Weezer factor, but because all of it is pretty damn dreamy. Thanks, Francesca, for making our day a bit brighter.


Chris and I met thanks to Twitter. I’m fairly certain the first tweet was in March or so, and it was very likely about Weezer. We had a few coy tweets back and forth and the transition was made to direct messaging. From there, we moved to text and gchat.  This went on for a couple months before we finally met. IN REAL LIFE.

I was slowly coming to terms with Twitter as a place where I had met some amazing real life people who lived near me and I could go drink wine with and talk about Joss Whedon obsessions and shoes, but now I was meeting someone I had a crush on. He was funny. We had a lot in common, he said the right things, and I was able to open up to him. I was a little bit terrified.

Our first date: we ate Thai food and then walked around a small art gallery before heading off to see Robin Hood; that amazing masterpiece with Russell Crowe. After that night, we kept talking., pretty much non-stop.

 A couple weeks later we met again for dinner and a movie. This time the movie was the cinematic achievement of greatness, MacGruber.

We were both in points of transition in our life.

We were both not ready to jump into a relationship. So we just continued in this vein. We got together once, maybe twice a week. Maybe more. We went out to dinner and movies. Hung out at my place and watched Mad Men. I found myself opening up to him in ways I never had before.  He was easy to talk to. He was easy to cry around. Do you know how hard it is to comfortably and safely cry in front of someone?  Very hard. But, with Chris, I could confess things I was scared of or tell him some of the saddest secrets and it was fine. It was more than fine.

We still lived in a slightly deluded state that we were just friends.

Then it was September. We found ourselves driving down to the shore and at the beach.  We laid on the board walk staring at the stars and I knew that night that this friendship was not “just a friendship” or the “whatevership” we called it. But it had developed into something so much more.

There were other moments: the first I love you, trader Joe’s gluten free waffles, Pinkerton night, London, Boston, our dog Oliver, other people’s weddings, etc etc etc. Each moment important and very much us. There is nothing I would do over.

And here we are: about two and a half years later getting married in just a few months. I have managed to become a cliché and marry my best friend. And it is awesome.

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