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I have stopped dating people for a myriad of reasons. From the color of their socks, to music collections, I have managed to take even the slightest issue that doesn’t fall into my “perfect fella” category and ended things. The decisions to do this can be based on my superficiality, my warped perception of life and love, and most likely, an overall fear of commitment, love, getting hurt and all that shit.

Recently, I’ve been hanging around with a fella we’ll call Tattoo Guy. Tattoo Guy, despite not having a traditional education that involves a college degree, is shockingly well-read, loves opera, is brilliant especially with regard to important things like world history and wine, and when he spends the night he puts on music like Duke Ellington to which we fall asleep. However, Tattoo Guy made an error the other night when he texted “R U there?” to me.

I’m fully aware that in 2012 this lingo has become commonplace, but it murders my soul. I’ve learned to stomach “LOL” because it’s so prevalent, but it’s been a long, uphill struggle. I stared at his text, and forwarded it along to friends whom I knew would understand; then I stared at it some more. Then, before I was completely done with staring at it and right before I deleted it, I was forced to remember “CUL8R Guy” from a while back.

CUL8R Guy wasn’t exactly the brightest bulb out there, but was also one of those who thinks he’s bright, so it’s sort of charming in this really weird and almost sad way. Had I known that a “CUL8R” was going to be in the future, I would have not dated him for as long as I did (yes, almost three months is long), but he was actually one of those people who calls instead of texts so the truth was hidden for a bit.

Of course, always looking for any reason to sabotage anything and everything, I found a flaw in his need to call. I didn’t want to talk on the phone; texting and email exist for a reason: so we can avoid excessive human contact as much as possible. For the sake of his (for lack of a classier or more mature way of putting it) talented tongue, I put up with all this phone calling as long as I could. Finally, I had to put an end to it. Unless you’re my immediate family, or my best friend Bess who lives in Pittsburgh, there really is no need to talk on the phone — especially when that talking involves dinner plans and the always popular “I’m running five minutes late.” Text it!

After a conversation that involved a white lie about how the speaker on my phone didn’t work, and we’d have to text until I got a new phone, I thought things were on the right track. Although his spelling — and yes, we all makes mistakes sometimes dear commenters who want to jump down my throat on this topic — was horrid, I convinced myself they were just typos. Then the “LOL” thing set in, and soon after, the “R U” this or that thing, and the afternoon I got the “CUL8R” text I knew that, talented tongue or not, I was out. If you can’t take the extra few seconds to type out “see you later,” then many things should be seriously considered; one of those things is potential longevity with a person. In my world, it’s deal breaker; there will be no “CUL8R” to be had.

I was honest with Tattoo Guy about this and even told him that I’d be writing about it. Tattoo Guy will not be texting “R U” anything to me again. Not because I’ve sent him packing, but because I decided to be honest for a change. It’s weird what honesty can do. Maybe this means CUL8R Guy and I could have had something beautiful? I guess I’ll never know; and I’m not about to text him to find out.