house_floorHow attractive would you rate those people in that photo? If were given a one to 10 scale, would you put most of them near 10? Ha! Actually, this is a very serious question.

Hinge is a D.C. based dating app (because the world needed another one) that not only sets people up through Facebook, but gathered up some data to find where the most attractive people in area can be found. Naturally, or maybe not so naturally based on what you find hot, the real lookers can be found at the gym doing gym things. But next in line? The U.S. Senate. I’m not even kidding.


Also, please note that the House of Representatives is also on that list. Yes, John Boehner is way hotter than you’ll ever be. Sorry.

The app also allows you to “rate” your Facebook friends and friends of friends based on their looks (awesome!), which, of course, will lead to love.

No awkward profile, no randos– only friends-of-friends. You just login to Hinge, answer questions about your Facebook friends, and in minutes Hinge will recommend friends-of-friends who match your taste. If you’re interested in a match, anonymously save them. Hinge will connect you if the feeling is mutual, and stay quiet if it’s not. Not sure about a match? Just ask your mutual friend, because your matches always have at least one friend in common with you.

Best part? You didn’t meet online… you met through a mutual friend.

Apparently Hinge has a completely different idea of what it means to “meet online” than the rest of us. I could have sworn Facebook was online, but maybe it’s actually just something I see on my ceiling all day long.

The other aspects of the app aside, the real focus is looks, good ones, and where you can find them. And that, my dear readers, would be in the U.S Congress.


Photo: US.Gov/Via HuffPost