dating rules tv

Do you know more about dating now then you did ten years ago? We all wish that we had had all our future knowledge and experience when making decisions ten years ago in 2002. Maybe then we wouldn’t have hung on so long to that guy who insisted on sagging his pants like 8-Mile rising star Eminem. Maybe we wouldn’t have accidentally stood up that great guy because we just had to see Kelly Clarkson win that new hit show American Idol, since she’s still singing today. If only we could text our past selves some dating pointers (not that we had cell phones receiving text messages in 2002, but let’s imagine), to save us from all the humiliation.

For lucky Lucy, the protagonist of the new show Dating Rules From My Future Self (from the producers of Gossip Girl) this is a reality! When Lucy – an average 20-something struggling with the woes of dating – starts getting text messages from her older, wiser self 10 years in the future, she starts to wonder if these dating rules will lead her to a blissful future or are really just made to be broken.

If you could text yourself ten years ago with dating advice you know now, what would you say? Here are some things we wish we knew back then.

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