Ever been on a date that seemed really fun, interesting and quirky… only to anticipate a second date and totally get shut down? Your life probably isn’t the first act of a romantic comedy, so probably not. But, if it is, there’s a site that will help you learn more and move on!

Meet Wot Went Wrong, a new (anti?)dating website that helps you figure out why great first dates never lead to second ones or why you were dumped, to your surprise, in the early stages of new romance. In other words, it’s a dating site for the age of social anxiety, equipping obsessive, over-analytical neurotics with the data necessary to more thoroughly hate themselves. Or “proactively seek feedback,” to use the parlance of the site.

So! How does it work?!

Once you’ve been denied a second date or unceremoniously dumped, you head over to the site, where you’ll be prompted to enter the name and email of the heartless jerk in question. Then WWW works its weird, probably unnecessary magic. According to Divine Caroline:

There are several mood templates available, such as philosophical, sincere, lighthearted, confused, flippant, and cool. If you choose philosophical, for example, a quote from Ben Franklin starts off your message: “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” It continues with, “And I’d really like to know what went wrong with us. Just for my benefit. Do you think you could let me know?”

To incentivize your date to respond, you are given a checklist where you can rate various details such as their conversation skills, attractiveness, and kissing prowess. Once sent, the dumper will receive an email requesting feedback, which he gives by selecting from a twelve-category menu. Possible reasons for getting the boot include “Sex drive is too low,” “Incompatible tastes in music,” “Bad breath,” “You emasculate me,”“Lack of chemistry,” and the ever-popular “It’s not you … ” custom response, among others.

In a nutshell: are you familiar with those intensely vulnerable moments everyone has when heartbroken? Are you familiar with those awful, self-loathing impulses to e-mail the person who rejected you just to find out why? Wot Went Wrong totally preys on those!

…Though, I guess using this service is an efficient way of communicating to whoever dumped you that he/she dodged a bullet.

Please tell us you would not use this service.

(via Divine Caroline)