Breakups are hard, especially when kids are involved. But David Arquette’s very public grief over his divorce from Courteney Cox has crossed the line from “I feel bad for him” to “Dude, you need to calm down” in a matter of days. Here’s what you can learn from his public meltdowns.

Don’t cry after sex.

Okay, it does happen sometimes, but for the sake of the person you just slept with you should at least try to cover it up or pretend it’s allergies or something.

Don’t admit you cried after sex.

So you might confess to your new sex partner that you’re crying. They can deal with it however they want. But you should not tell other people – specifically, Howard Stern – that you cry after sex. People never forget that. And while we’re at it…

Don’t dish about your sex life publicly.

Do not tell people that the reason you and your ex split is because you hadn’t been ‘intimate’ in awhile. No one needs to know about that. Again, Howard Stern especially doesn’t need to know about that.

Don’t dress like a freak.

To be fair, Arquette is known for his kooky fashion sense. But sporting a yellow and purple wig and giant sunglasses in public – even if you’re a huge Lakers fan – is not OK.

Do keep it together for your kid.

As much as I’ve been cringing watching Arquette lose it in public, it is nice to see him focus on his daughter and how much he cares about her. She’s old enough to understand what’s happening, and she’ll appreciate that her parents aren’t using her as a pawn in their split.