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In case you were having trouble starting your week because ugh Mondays, here’s some pervy news that’s sure to lighten your step. Some allegedly nude pics of Demi Lovato have leaked online, and she looks fan-freaking-tastic. They’re mostly of her covered up by sheets in bed or cuddling with Wilmer Valderrama (ugh), with a tame but definitely naked selfie thrown in.

I tend to think that cell phone selfies of a sexual nature are anything but sexy–they’re normally awkwardly posed and weirdly angled, given the whole camera is only an arm’s length away thing. But Lovato looks straight up hot and classy in the one full body shot, which is pretty tame as far as leaked nude pictures go. Most of the other shots are more cute than sexy, and she’s pretty covered up by blankets and what not. The picture of Lovato in bed with Valderrama is whatever in the grand scheme of photos of couples in beds, although seeing Valderrama do anything ever makes me feel a bit nauseated and clammy.

When photos like this surface, they have to be coming from the recipient, right? Or from Lovato herself? Or maybe this was a case of cell phone hacking–I don’t really know how that works or why people do it. Probably to find nudie pics like this; I don’t know, as I do not claim to be an expert on the matter. Somebody get Rupert Murdoch on the phone.

Lovato responded to the leaked photos (or just tweeted this unrelatedly):

It translates to “I am strong. I am a fighter. Do not underestimate me.” If this is in response to the leaked photos, then good for her for coming up fighting. I hope whoever leaked these gets what’s coming to him.

If these are even real–for all we know they’re photoshopped fakes, it’s some serious bullshit that they got leaked. Being a celebrity seems awful, and if I ever get famous (for what? Maybe a reality show about people who got addicted to SVU), I don’t need my selfies and pictures of food to be shown to the world. If that’s the price of fame, it seems like that’s not a fair trade off.

I blame Wilmer. Always blame Wilmer.

Photo: John Sciulli/Getty Images