Once upon a time, Demi Moore, 49, was married to a man over a decade younger than her. He turned out to be a huge, cheating douchebag, so she got divorced.

Now, according to People magazine, Ms. Moore has decided that the answer to her romantic woes is to do what so many middle-aged men have done before her: go even younger. Moore has apparently been spotted galavanting about town with a 26-year-old personal trainer/model Blake Corl-Baietti. On a modeling website, Corl-Baietti describes himself as “hard working, honest and diligent,” and says that he has a “positive, fun loving attitude.” (He doesn’t come right out and say that he balks at the correct use of hyphens, but that seems to be implied.)

The couple denies that they’re dating, which makes sense. No doubt Moore has just found in Corl-Baietti someone to listen and give her mature, age-appropriate advice laced with wisdom and patience.