Love. It's just so... lovely.

I am that person who has almost always dated younger men. Not exceptionally younger, as in no more than four (maybe five or six — I can’t keep track!) years my junior; it’s just how I roll. I do not seek them out; you won’t find me hanging around NYU trying to score an 18-year-old. I guess I just seem to have more in common with men a bit younger than me. And let’s be honest, on the fun scale, an older man in his 40’s or 50’s, can’t hold a candle to a fella in his mid-20’s. (This is where my friends in their 20’s who date far older men will tell me to shut the fuck up and quit generalizing.) I am generalizing; I admit this. I also admit that “boys” in their 20’s can’t even come close on the charming scale as an older man. Complete packages do not exist.

When it comes to celebrities, I try to steer clear of knowing too much about them. Mostly they make me scowl and roll my eyes, and considering how often I do these things on a regular basis as is, it’s safer to keep all celebrity-related shit out of my daily consumption of news. But this one I couldn’t pass up, because goddamn Demi Moore! Nice work! You’ve done it again!

According to the New York Post, Ms. Moore, who is now 50 years old, has been getting cozy (read: “dancing and grinding” all up on each other at a party) with the 26-year-old son of filmmaker Julian Schnabel. Younger Schnabel, or as he’s known to his friends, Vito, has been spending some quality time with Moore. Again, nice work, Demi!

While at my age I can’t imagine dating someone 24 years younger than me — he’d be in first grade or so, and that’s just gross and wrong — I think it’s great when women date younger men. I LOVE IT. WE SHOULD ALL LOVE IT.

We live in a society that has actually created a stupid fucking word like “cougar” to define women who date younger men. Where is such a label for men who date younger women? Oh, wait, IT DOESN’T EXIST.

Older men are distinguished with their grey hair, while older women are just “old.” Or at least this is the general consensus for some, and yes, I’m generalizing again. But the truth is, as any plastic surgery gone bad will prove, we live in a youth obsessed society where laugh lines are not admired for all the times you had a proper giggle, but loathed because they’re proof you’ve aged.

So think of it this way ladies, in the vein of It’s a Wonderful Life, every time an older woman dates a younger man, an angel gets its wings. How about that? Age is but a number, and in stating this, I will take my own advice and no longer snub the idea of dating older men. It’s difficult enough in this world to find compatibility and love; there’s no sense in adding more restrictions or judgements to the pot.

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Photo: Paramount Pictures