democrat dating republican
Dating someone new? Are you a Democrat buried in the deep South eating fried chicken at Cotillion while… everything I know about this is based on Gone With The Wind, sorry? Or are you a sort-of conflicted-maybe-almost-fiscal-oh-God-I’m-sorry-conservative in the middle of New York?  Basically – are you someone who is not inclined to reveal your political affiliation to a new partner right away?

You could just be bold and declare “all Democrats are idiots” out of nowhere. That will reveal your political party, however, if your new gentleman-friend disagrees, it will also reveal that you’re an intolerant jerk. That can work, I guess. Freedom to be the kind of woman you want to be! However, there are some more delicate ways to approach the conversation, which, again, if you’re in a political minority should be no harder than telling someone you have a horrible STD. Here:

Pic via 30 Rock NBC