My boyfriend travels a lot for work. When he’s away he’ll call me and we’ll talk. He always wants to have phone sex. He really likes phone sex, and I hate it. It just seems weird to talk about fucking instead of just have sex. I know the point is that he’s not around so we can’t have sex, but listening to him talk does nothing for me. Maybe it’s a hangup, but I just want to hang up.

I am a visual person. Reading erotica turns me on. Watching porn turns me on. But trying to talk about what my boyfriend and I would be doing to each other if we were naked? It doesn’t do anything for me. I like eating ice cream instead of talking about eating ice cream, and I like listening to music instead of talking about music. I’m a doer! I miss my boyfriend when he’s gone, but can’t we just have hot sex when he gets back and use up all that sexual tension that built up while he was away? I like to experiment. If he suggested bondage or something, I’d try it. But I’ve tried phone sex, and it’s not for me. Am I the only person who feels that way?