As we’ve mentioned — and maybe you’ve read elsewhere — this guy, Prince William, is marrying this chick, Kate Middleton. But before they were engaged, they were dating for eight years, earning her the nickname “Waity Katie.”

Personally, I see no reason not to wait for Prince William — he’s a prince, for fuck’s sake. If you think you might be about to marry him, maybe you go ahead and you wait.

But I also see how, when two people’s timetables don’t match up, one might not be inclined to wait forever. If he’s ready to get married and you aren’t, or vice versa, it doesn’t matter who’s royalty and who isn’t — waiting just might not cut it.

And like so many other issues surrounding dating, some people have pre-existing timelines when it comes to how long they will or won’t wait. Granted, these timelines often get left behind when people realize that life generally doesn’t happen as you’ve planned it. But nevertheless, I wonder — do you have a time limit on how long you’ll date someone before you stop waiting to make it official (whatever “official” means to you)? Will you bail after one year? Three years? Five years? Or not at all?