Apparently, keeping a bra on during sex isn’t just for Sarah Jessica Parker anymore.

According to a survey taken by the Telegraph, 48% of women like to keep at least one garment on during sex. Which is cool! Because as long as that garment isn’t “blue jeans” or “my trusty chastity belt” or “a man still wearing his socks” it’s not  going to hinder the sex.

But I was surprised to see that 54% of women say that they keep a garment on “to improve body confidence”. Which is odd, as I’ve always believed that the fact that someone wants to have sex with you they probably like your body just fine, and you’ve probably already seen yourself naked. Since you’re the only two people there, it’s one of those times when you should feel okay about your body. (Unless you’re at an orgy. I don’t know what people do during orgies. Cover their exposed bits with furry animals, probably.)

Because if you insist on leaving items of clothing on – like your bra – aren’t you making it less fun for yourself? Your breasts would probably like to be involved and not hiding behind an impenetrable wall of sea-foam green satin. If, you know, they had emotions. And your partner, who does have emotions, would probably like to see them, too.

Still, maybe by “it improves body confidence” those women just meant “it makes the sex more awesome.” There seems like there’s a pretty big difference between a woman who wants to keep her spanx on because she’s worried about jiggly bits, and a woman who wants to keep her garters and stockings on, because she’s Dita von Teese. Or someone who wants to wear sandal boots, because she’s just crazy like that (and because she realizes that keeping high heels on = your partner getting stabbed).

Are there any items of clothing you like to keep on during sex? I vote for sequined baseball caps!