do you schedule sex

Our friends at TheFrisky have a “sex in seven days” regimen article, which is slightly amazing to us. The author notes that:

I don’t have much spontaneous sex; the sex I have is usually planned. Scheduled, even. While guys just change their T-shirt and they’re ready to go, I have to endure an entire prep-for-sex checklist.

I legitimately just change my t-shirt and am good to go, as a general rule. This guide to 7-days to sex includes a list of pre-approved diet sex foods (grapefruit, cottage cheese) a reminder to take vitamins (like calcium pills) and to masturbate before you go to sleep every night. I am worried that if I had to remember to do all of this before having sex I would never have sex again. But the idea of sex as something to look forward to is… nice! When people are away for a bit! My guide if you’ve scheduled sex is “maybe buy new underwear.” But then, I don’t often schedule it. Do you? How far in advance?

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