Is this better or worse than picking up someone at a bar?

Last night I was out with a friend who, although being in a somewhat serious relationship, spent the last two round of drinks on Craigslist looking for a hook-up. When I say “somewhat serious relationship,” what I actually mean is that although they live together, their sex life is pretty much non-existent.

There is an “understanding” between the two of them, although they’re not in an “open relationship,” that should an opportunity arise, they are allowed to indulge. Having never been in an “open relationship” or even one that allows such behavior, I supported her in her pursuit to get laid. According to my “friend” pamphlet, that’s my responsibility. I do not judge. OK, I judge sometimes, but it’s over superficial things like hot pink spandex leggings under a skirt or goatees and all that stuff that should have remained in 1997. But as far as sex goes, I do not judge.

I can admit I have looked at the Craigslist “casual encounters” posts, but mostly for a laugh. Have you ever read them? They’re AMAZING. However, no matter how much my vagina is aching for a cock, I have never emailed anyone. It’s an entertaining read and sometimes you stumble upon someone whose ad is actually masturbation worthy. I prefer words to videos and movies.

This friend of mine is actually quite frequent on the Craigslist NSA scene; so frequent, in fact, that I get links to her possible “meet-ups” from her for a second opinion at least twice a week. Nine times out of 10 I vote “no.” I may not have the Lifetime channel, but I know about these Craigslist type killers. THEY ARE ALL KILLERS, RIGHT?

We live in New York City. Do you know how many lunatics are out there? Walking down the street this is confirmed on a daily basis. But yet, that’s her “go to,” when it comes to fucking, and she has yet to be murdered. They always meet at a public space, and if he seems weird, she bails. But more often the not, she goes home with him.

Sometimes, according to her, the sex is phenomenal; other times, it’s bad and she goes home, crawls into bed next to her boyfriend unsatisfied and knowing that he’s not going to step up to the plate either.

And she is just one case; my male friends, both straight and gay, use it quite frequently, too. I guess Grindr doesn’t always deliver in regards to reaching an orgasm.

I’m almost certain I’m being a prude on this one, but does anyone else do this?

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Photo: Craigslist