You know, as I sit at home watching ‘Sex and the City’ reruns on TBS, eating yodels, there are a lot of lies I can tell myself. I can tell myself that this is some sort of cool, “New York” experience, the yodels and the reruns, and that I’m just like Carrie Bradshaw. I can pretend that Carrie Bradshaw’s New York was kind of realistic! I can tell myself that this is a better use of my time than anything else. I can pretend a lot of things.

But I cannot pretend that, in the course of sleeping with many, many men, who were presumably somewhat sexually experienced, not one of them ever sat down with Carrie Bradshaw and said “honey? Why do you always keep your bra on during sex? Do you have… an issue?” By issue they mean “third nipple.” And then Carrie could have cried, because, yes, she did.

I just think that was a conversation that needed to happen, at least once. Because in real life, surely that conversation would happen. Unless! Unless this is something people do. Does anyone actually keep their bra on during sex? If so, why? We’re looking for something that isn’t “a third nipple.”