Over at Glamour.com, some ingenious writer has amassed a collection of pictures of dogs in weddings. I have a dog, so obviously I think this is the most wonderful thing ever to be done on the internet. My dog will be a part of my wedding, and I can’t imagine that anyone who has a dog would leave them out of their nuptials.

It just doesn’t make sense.

After all, there are so many potential roles for dogs to play: Ring bearer. Flower dog. Bridesmaid escort. Adorable accessory to anything. Wearer of cute bow-tie and/or corsage. And so forth.

But I suspect that everyone in the world might not share this opinion with me. Some people don’t have dogs, or don’t like dogs, or think that dogs might err on the side of dirty and therefore have no place around such finery as a $2,000+ wedding dress. You’re entitled to your opinion, although you’re wrong.

Anyway, seriously though, let’s open this up to a poll. Kindly weigh in:

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Image by hifiweddings via Glamour