Here’s a list of good surprises: Candy. Flowers. Finding money on the ground. Realizing you finally have enough points on your credit card to get a free flight to Miami. When a friend you didn’t know was in town shows up to your birthday party.

Here’s a list of bad surprises: H.I.V. Herpes. A fetus. The possibility you’ve just been sexually assaulted. Do you see where I’m going with this?

An ad Durex condoms is currently running in India shows a woman smiling coyly alongside the copy “hmm…did he? didn’t he?” Below her, it reads: “Experience the new durex superthin ultima. Our thinnest condom. So thin, you can leave her pleasantly puzzled–did he really use one? Or didn’t he?” [tagbox tag=”badvertising”]

I don’t know about you, but I don’t generally find it “pleasant” to have to “puzzle” over whether or not I’ve just been exposed to potential impregnation and whatever STDs the person I’ve slept with might have. It’s a form of assault to sneakily have unsafe sex with someone who has not consented to it; just ask the alleged victim of Julian Assange. I’m glad that Durex’s condoms are so thin, but this is a terrible way to get that point across, and I can’t imagine it’s going to make people want to buy Durex condoms. Next time, try it with a little more “consent is sexy” and a little less rape culture.

(Via Runnin’ Scared)