Not too long ago, at a non-meat-related political protest, a lady came up to me and tried to hand me some “go vegan” propaganda. I told her that I was already vegan, at which point she got really excited and wanted to talk to me a whole bunch more. I politely excused myself because I had to go, but I must say I kind of liked her style, not just because she agreed with me that MEAT IS MURDER, but because I appreciate a good crazy person in general. And crazy people appreciate me back! Given the time, I’ll let them talk at me for as long as they like.

Since then, I’ve done a bit of Googling and found out her name is Grace Weaver and she’s somewhat of a downtown New York institution. Apparently, she walks around with her dogs literally singing the praises of veganism while people are busy tucking into their bloodmouth dinners, which probably doesn’t convert too many people but is nonetheless amusing to watch. Here’s a video that’s been going around of her happy, preachy song (above).

Among other things, she claims that vegetarians and vegans have better sex, which seems like a bit of a stretch, but we are less susceptible to health issues like heart disease, which could indirectly translate to better sex, I suppose. Personally, I’ve found my sex life has improved drastically since going vegan, but then again, I was 18 when I made the switch and didn’t know the first thing about fucking. And I was a 13-year-old virgin when I went vegetarian.

On the other hand, there’s the recently reported-by-Ashley counterpoint that if you stop being a vegan you will get to bang a supermodel, so who knows?

In any case: sing on, East Village singing vegan lady. Sing on.

(Via The Village Voice)