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Along with being young and beautiful and costarring in the weirdest ever installment of American Horror Story, Emma Roberts and Evan Peters’ ability to keep their relationship secretive has made them a particularly fascinating celebrity couple. Multiple media outlets are reporting that photos from last night’s Golden Globes red carpet show off Roberts’ engagement ring, but since they’ve kept tight lips about it, we’re… not so sure.

Fox And FX's 2014 Golden Globe Awards Party - Arrivals

According to People,

[Roberts] has been keeping her new pink gold-and-diamond ring mostly under wraps– we’ve had our eyes out, and have only gotten a few blurry glimpses of something vaguely shiny on her left hand. But we can’t say we blame her for wanting to let the ring have a major debut: It’s huge, sparkly and stunning and kinda deserves a big coming-out party.

Okay, I have a lot of feelings about this. First of all, I’m a little bit annoyed that celeb news sites are reporting speculation as fact, considering the couple hasn’t even talked openly about the fact that they’re engaged to begin with. Second of all, Roberts is wearing several sparkly rings in the photos, so it doesn’t look like she’s trying to give “a major debut” to the one on her left ring finger– in fact, it kind of seems like the opposite. Third of all, the couple has never publicly addressed their past domestic violence, and while we don’t know many of the details at all, it weirds me out that everyone’s celebrating an (alleged) engagement ring without considering that their so-called happy relationship may be a really dangerous example to some of their fans.

Fox And FX's 2014 Golden Globe Awards Party - Arrivals

While, again, the details are murky, Roberts was definitely arrested after an altercation between her and Peters resulted in his bloody nose, and she was spotted with bruises on her legs shortly afterwards. We don’t presume to know what happened, but somebody in this situation– be it Roberts, Peters, or both of them equally– has a propensity for physical violence, and by ignoring something like that in order to focus on “omg look at this ring,” we’re doing a really shitty job of representing the gravity of domestic abuse.

I sincerely hope that the couple doesn’t talk about last year’s incident because it was a misunderstanding or a one-time horrible mistake, that they’re secretive just because they value their deserved privacy, and that they’re happy and in love and excited to be buying and wearing engagement rings. But, at the same time, choosing to ignore examples of abuse is what leads to people like alleged child abuser Woody Allen winning awards for respecting women. It’s important that we speak up against domestic violence so that victims understand what they’re experiencing isn’t normal, isn’t romantic, and isn’t excusable.

I wish nothing but a happy, healthy, safe relationship for these young stars, and I definitely hope that anyone who needs help or support always gets it.

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