engagement ring

Of course, you’re happy about your engagement ring. And everyone else is happy for you! Really! You’re getting married! But do you need to post pictures of your engagement ring with no explanation on Facebook? Some people think probably not.

Over at The Cut, they explain:

In the past, engagement ring photos were the visual equivalent of a humble brag, snuck in sideways and with a blushing face: The radiant couple posed with the bride’s conspicuously sparkling left hand on the groom’s upper arm, or the bride-to-be excitedly holding up her hand next to her smiling face. But in the age of the context-free diamond, the ring flaunt is unabashed: a close-up of the hand and ring, perhaps with a caption like, “He asked … ” or “I said yes!”…

On the spectrum of Facebook sharing and oversharing, a context-free diamond is hardly the worst sin; personally, I reserve that title for the passive-aggressive status update. Still, the focus on the ring — not the couple, not even the bride — is approaching fetish-levels of fixation, and Facebook is only fueling the fire. This particular social media trend seems here to stay. As long as it does, I’ll be staying off Facebook on Sunday mornings.

That may be true! Though I frankly… kind of like seeing my friend’s engagement rings? Partly just because engagement rings are pretty, and partly because it actually seems like a more polite way to announce the engagement than by leaving some sort of all caps message saying I’M ENGAGED NOW OMG. It seems more tasteful than other, numerous, tacky ways you could squeal about your newly anged status. So, facebook engagement rings – they are fine! Post away!

Picture via Wikipedia commons