homer simpson esquire stephen merche

You guys, writers at Esquire see you giving them the side-eye and they are not happy about it. Why women being so contemptuous? Why can’t you all be nicer? Fuck it! Men are back! Men are going to fight back! And shmucky portrayals like Homer Simpson are not funny! 

I understand how the writer must feel. I mean, shows like Girls do send a different message than Cosmopolitan articles. It’s confusing. Sure.

Still, reading this, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the old Margaret Atwood line that runs “men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.” That line may seem a trifle outdated – and the article writer, Stephen Marche points out that rapes are so low in some parts of the United States that they hardly exist – until you remember that cultures exist that are not the United States. In many parts of the world men not only have more power, but nearly absolute power. I can’t help but feel that the writer Stephen Marche forgot that gender relations as a whole are not defined by “gender relations in a small part of Brooklyn” – namely, the Marche household.

No matter. I am going to piggy back off of this. Here are some articles I’m thinking of doing. If Esquire could pay me a few dollars a word I can have them essentially any time.

Pic via The Simpsons/HD Wallpapers