With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, you may be wondering: what’s the easiest way to burn my horrible ex in effigy? Thankfully, as it always does, the internet has the answer.

Thanks to the London-based shop The Last Tuesday Society, you now have the ability to package up a photo of your ex, one of their old t-shirts, and all of your scorn… and pay someone to turn them into a little doll that you can torture. I’m not sure if this is more funny or terrifying.

For one thing, white people making voodoo dolls is arguably appropriative and offensive, since Vodoun is a real religion that’s all too often reduced to filler for shitty Halloween movies. (Did anyone else see that Kate Hudson disaster, The Skeleton Key, that might as well have been called Omg Black People Are So Mythical And Scary?) For another thing, I’m not sure practicing beating people up is a healthy way to deal with your anger. (But on the other hand, if sticking pins in a ragdoll can help an abuse victim feel like they have power for a few minutes? I say go for it.)

And whether ordering an ex-bf effigy is a great moral decision or not, you can’t deny its potential to be at least mildly hilarious. According to the Daily Mail,

If your partner has unhelpfully taken back their clothing from your possession so you can’t get busy with the scissors, you have the option of getting your doll made from a range of fabrics, including denim, paisley, gingham, or floral material.

Yeah, I’m so torn here. It’s probably not a great idea to indulge your fantasies of physically harming other humans, and it’s not a great idea to mock other cultures just for kicks… but it’s definitely a good idea to order a gingham doll with your ex’s face on it. Sigh.

Via The Daily Mail / Photo: Shutterstock