Jennie Garth dating a younger woman

It rarely feels great to know your ex is dating somebody new, but does it feel especially bad when he or she is dating a young woman than you?

Kelly Taylor Jennie Garth announced her divorce with husband Peter Facinelli of “Twilight” just earlier this year, but it appears that he’s moved on already (not that I’m one to judge; if I were going through a divorce, I’m pretty sure I’d have a steady IV of speed dating adrenaline coursing through my veins at all time). Facinelli’s former costar Jaimie Alexander, who is 28, publicly confirmed November 30 that they are a pair. Due to their 10-year age gap, media outlets have immediately jumped on the “older women scorned by younger woman” bandwagon.

Naturally, this means that People magazine had to step in and flambé her pain comfort Kelly Jennie by asking her questions about whether or not her heart will go on regardless.

Titanic Leo dating a younger woman

She should be fine.

According to their interview, Garth said, “I think there will come a time when it won’t sting so bad. But I’m not quite there yet. You know, I am happy that he is happy, though.” Translation: “I wish he’d roll off a cliff in Malibu with sand in his eyes and I am so lonely.” Just kidding, I’m pretty sure Garth is fine since she’s been linked to some very attractive, very charming-seeming fellows.

But in all seriousness, do you think it would actually bother you if your ex began dating somebody younger? There’s always this hugely cliche storyline in so many television shows and films wherein a man leaves his same-age wife for a woman who was born around the time the couple graduated high school, leaving the now ex-wife lonely and wondering if she’s fat and revolving to take all his money (because women are never self-sufficient and always want revenge!). But while most people I know have divorced parents–plenty of whom cheated on what another–I don’t know any this particular storyline has happened to, regardless of its story prevalence. If anything, I’ve seen it twice the other way around. So why are women constantly told to somehow fear this mythical day our lovers will call us old and shriveled and decide to date their fertile secretaries?

As somebody who is still relatively young (23), I have yet to experience much along the “ex-boyfriend is now dating a younger woman” vein. Since most of the people I’ve dated are older than I, it would be troubling to me if one of them started seeing somebody of a significantly younger age because I would find it extremely creepy to be going after a teenager. But is it something that actually bothers many women or men when ex-partners start to date another person whose age is much lower (and still legal)? I think the only aspect that might really sting for me is the fact that there’s a new person at all, not how old she is (although it admittedly might suck if she happened to be considerably more attractive than I). But while we’re still a species that values youth in so many ways, getting older just isn’t the same; it’s not this terrifying process which disallows you from dating at a certain point anymore.

Anyway, I’d like to know, dear Glossers, what you think: is there any particular aspect that would bug you the most to see in an ex-partner’s new date? Is a younger age one of them?

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