Are men on Facebook hitting on you? This is how you handle them. I just thought you should know. Jen Dziura will demonstrate. Behold:


I asked Jen if she was maybe being too hard in this particular situation, because she was dealing with a duck. Very few ducks can communicate at all, and, while writing “buzy” is low on the communication scale, I thought we should take into account the fact that the entire message was typed with his beak, and give him some points for trying hard. But no. It turns out that while his picture has been changed to protect his privacy, he was actually a human person, not a duck.

Albeit, a human person who attempts to get into rooms by walking through walls, seemingly figuring that if he just keeps pushing eventually it will work.

You know, I feel like I should add to this, but I think Jen summed it up pretty well. Facebook actually gives you a great opportunity to hit on people – especially when people like Jen helpfully tell you things they are thinking about right now – but only if you hit on them by actually trying to find common ground and work from there. It doesn’t work if you are just a duck looking for sex.

Picture via JenDziura