farrah abraham superstar backdoor teen mom

You already know that former Teen Mom Farrah Abraham starred in an adult film and you also know that her getting involved in porn doesn’t reflect much on her parenting skills–it does however, reflect on her desperation for people to pay attention to her (which may, in turn, reflect on her parenting skills).

Regardless, what’s really confounding about all this is the insistence, from Abraham and her camp, that this is a sex tape, and not… you know, an adult film. Made on an adult film set. With adult film production values. And adult film star James Deen.

Yeah, LOL:

farrah abraham teen mom sex tape

Whatever. You can see the trailer for Farrah Superstar Backdoor Teen Mom over at Gawker (which, a colleague pointed out, sounds more like a name South Park would give the tape in a parody of all this nonsense).

If you can’t watch the completely NSFW trailer at work, know this: the clip reveals that the “tape” itself also makes vague efforts to seem like a low-fi-ish “found” sex tape and is about as convincing as Kim Kardashian and Ray-J‘s equally-transparent ploy for fame. The conceit of Farrah Superstar seems to be that Deen and Abraham are an actual couple, he’s filming them going about potentially sexy business and, meanwhile, they’re calling each other names like “retard” and “butthead.” Sadly, Abraham doesn’t have much skill as an actress.

Elsewhere, Abraham says she’s going to get her lube, Deen asks why and she giggles, “Cause we’re gonna do anal!”

Just like a real couple!