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Everyone’s favorite online sexual documentary series Slutever is back in business, and this time host Karley Sciortino has made a special fashion week edition just for you. Fresh off her foray into BDSM, Karley turns in this episode to the eternal question of how to dress for sexual success while simultaneously avoiding being tragic.

For help with this delicate operation, she talks to transsexual downtown club kid Sophia Lamar, who is full of helpful tidbits like:

-Penetration in the bathroom=fabulous; blowjobs in the bathroom=TRAGIC

-“It’s okay to show a little vag sometimes.”

-IUDs= totes glamorous!

They also address the topic of how to look glam while walking and standing (Karley’s physical comedy here is priceless), as well as the hot-button issue of how best to bed down with male models. (“Talk about Instagram.”) The whole glorious thing can be viewed above.

(Via Vice)