<b>Open Thread:</b> What Fetish Do You Consider A Deal Breaker? Because I Just Found Mine.

Spanking The Money (1994)

Once upon a time, I hooked up with a guy who lived nearby. He seemed to be a solid potential “activity partner”: well-dressed, articulate, funny, decently attractive. The problem was that after about 10 minutes of making out, he started to lift my shirt and stare at my breasts. And then he called me “mommy.” For a moment, I assumed he intended this as being pronounced and spelled “mami.” This was an incorrect assumption. He asked me to treat him like a “bad boy who hadn’t done his homework,” which leads me to believe he was the most peculiar honors student in the world as a child.

Oh, but it gets weirder.

After a minute or so of me being in shock, he switched gears completely and began calling me “little girl.” After another 20 seconds of genuine shock and confusion pulsating through my brain, I kicked the parent/child fetishizer out of my apartment, went back to my room, stripped my bed, and proceeded to load all my sheets into the washing machine. Needless to say, those are two of the fetishes that go right over ‘the line” for me.

While there are innumerable fetishes across the board, and I’m pretty open to many of them, there are some that I personally find just a little too disgusting, immoral, painful or unpleasant to me. I’m sure somebody will be into parent/child or other adult/child role play, but I am not one of those people (just as one of the most accepting people we know, our Harlotry writer, was not). There are certainly things I am interested in that others aren’t, too, but illegal stuff and bathroom fetishes are total deal breakers for me.

So, we’re curious to know: What fetish is a deal breaker for you? Perhaps there’s just one, perhaps it’s tons of ’em; regardless, share your stories and commiserate!

[EDIT: We compiled a big ol’ list of all the fetishes you guys aren’t down with!]