The Lusty Lady strip club, a Seattle mainstay since 1983, is shutting its doors in June. Owners blame the recession for the drop in business, but also the readily available porn consumers can find elsewhere. According to the LA Times:

“The Internet has been the main culprit in driving down business, the establishment’s owners have said, along with the loss of a nearby parking garage and the collapse of Washington Mutual, the bank once headquartered across the street…”

Yeah, I don’t know if I buy that internet thing. Most men will tell you that the internet is a sorry substitute for a real live lady, and really not at all the same thing as a strip club. What I do buy, though, is that the closure has to do with the fact that the Lusty Lady isn’t what most people think of as a strip club — no lap dances, and a glass separating customer from dancer. The Lusty Lady, really, is a peep show. A dancer named Roux agrees:

“It’s just an outdated notion,” she said. “This is not what people want. They want a strip club where you can get a lap dance, or places where you hang out with your buddies and drink…

Regardless, it’s sad to see the storied titty-show close it’s doors. Seattle’s First Avenue will certainly be less colorful.