Remember that crazy virginity auction we mentioned a while back? The one in which Catarina Migliorini, 20, and Alexander Stepanov were participating in a documentary by filmmaker Justin Sisely. Through Sisley’s website, Virgins Wanted, both Catarina and Alexander had their virginities on sale for the highest bidder which, when we originally reported the auction, was $160,000 for Catarina and $1,300 for Alexander. Both were participating for financial reasons–Alexander wants to start a career while still being able to care for his sick mother, while Catarina wanted to be financially stable and also help build homes in her native Brazil.

Yet there was an obvious dichotomy between the two of them: Catarina’s bid was more than 120 times more than Alexander. Why? Because the “value” of a woman’s virginity has been not only placed on a pedestal, but has been regarded as integral to a woman’s value for entirely too long.

Plus, according to the Daily Dot, Alexander “he just needs to have two family members vouch for his virginity; she has to undergo a rigorous medical exam and be medically certified a virgin by a gynecologist, who will then turn over her records to the purchasing bidder.” As I pointed out last time, women’s hymens can be broken in a huge variety of ways: masturbation, exercise, illness, injury… what will happen if she doesn’t “check out,” per se? And how bizarre and sick is it that she needs to prove her virginity through medical testing or else suddenly, it won’t be “worth” as much to the bidder. Which, considering the amount of pain that goes into initially breaking the hymen for many women, is extra fucked up.

Anyway, the auction just ended and the price of the pair’s virginities has been finalized: Alexander’s virginity went for $3,000 while Catarina’s has been sold for $780,000.

$780,000. Seven hundred and eighty thousand dollars.

That’s quite a bit of money, but I can’t help but wonder how they’re going to be treated by these people, how they’ll be protected in the actual “virginity loss” situations from both violence and STDs, and whether or not they’ll go through with it. Although I could certainly use several hundred thousand dollars, I don’t know if I could; not for any particular moral reason, because I believe sex workers have fascinating jobs and I don’t think that men who frequent them are necessarily scary, but because it would be terrifying that somebody would want to pay that much money to be my “first.” Something about that would make me entirely too uncomfortable and I think calling it off might be my option, but who knows?

It leads me to also wonder whether or not the sex is under some contractual obligation for the virgins. Either way, I’m both saddened by and interested in seeing whether this story leads.

Pic via TopNews.