There are so many etiquette questions related to Valentine’s Day. How much money should I spend on a gift? What’s an appropriate gift for someone you’re only casually dating? And, of course, how do I handle the holiday when I’m in a relationship with multiple people? Luckily, AOL has advice for those of you in polyamorous relationships who want to be untraditional in love but traditional in their observance of arbitrary Hallmark holidays. Here are some of their tips:

  • If you’re a swinger, try having sex!
  • If you want to have sex but don’t have a particular partner in mind, try going to a swinger’s club, and then have sex!
  • You might want to split up Valentine’s week and devote one night per partner. [Related: Did you know that February 13th is Mistresses’ Day?]
  • Since multiple gifts can get kind of expensive, make handmade presents or do something thoughtful for each person instead.
  • Buy a dozen roses and divide them up among your partners.