In a directive given during the launch of a campaign to promote lower blood sugar, Jose Gomes Temporao, the Brazilian Minister of Health, told those listening that certain activities should be incorporated into their lives:

‘”Dancing, having sex, keeping weight under control, changing dietary habits, doing physical exercise” all help keep blood pressure down, he said.”

So yes, of course, it’s notable that he said to have more sex. But what’s also noteworthy, I think, is the suggestion to dance. Think about that — can you imagine any American official — a male official, no less — suggesting that, as a nation, we dance? For our health? It sounds so…fun. And so not like work, or like a diet, or like “doing physical exercise” which is what we U.S. residents so often hear as a stand-alone suggestion, without the whole boning and vogue-ing to go along with it.

So that’s actually two things that people might otherwise want to do, that Brazilians are being told to do by this guy. No wonder America is the fattest country around. No one’s telling us to f$@k and dance it off.