Having a hard time deciding whether to double click the mouse or cozy up to a three-pound bag of candy tonight? Well, you’re not alone! A new study found that both eating and boning lead to lower levels of stress, and that the effects could last up to seven days. According to AOL:

“‘These findings give us a clearer understanding of the motivation for consuming ‘comfort food’ during times of stress,’ lead researcher Yvonne Ulrich-Lai said in a statement.”

Well, yeah! That also explains why during a break-up, when you lose your main source of sex, you want to stuff your face. So much explained, so quickly.

Another expert, Dr. Daniel Cartlat, suggests that in fact, doing anything pleasurable might have the same effect:

“Carlat said he often asks his depressed or anxious patients to make a list of things that give them pleasure, whether it’s eating ice cream, watching a TV show or movie they like, taking a walk, taking a bath or shopping. He then has them engage in one of those activities regularly.”

I will say that that sounds like a recipe for a shopping addiction…but what do I know? Besides, the main message here is an important one: ladies, pleasure yourselves, whatever it takes.