Okay, I realize that people with a conservative mindset are probably limited in the different kinds of foreplay they can encourage their audience to engage in. But choreplay? As a sex tip? Really, Fox News? Their sexpert remarks

The parts of the female brain responsible for processing fear, anxiety and emotion slow down the more aroused a woman becomes, producing a trance-like state at orgasm. From washing the dishes and engaging in a little “choreplay” to to giving a woman a full-body massage, help stimulate her biggest sex organ: her mind.

The whole trance thing seems a little Indiana Jones and he Temple of Doom for my taste, but I guess this is pretty good advice. Except that I think when you start suggestively stroking the dishes in front of your spouse their reaction is going to be less “aroused” and more “confused.” Honestly, this just reminds me of that Porn For Women book that showed pictures of attractive men vacuuming. I always felt slightly insulted by that title, because in my porn, people have sex (even though I am a woman, and it’s all Anais Nin and stuff).