Many children of celebrities parade their good fortune about in the public eye, choking back all manner of drugs and alcohol while simultaneously burning hundred dollar bills for sport and jumping off rooftops into pools full of melted gold.

But one famous offspring is keeping her head a bit lower than that, and that offspring is Frances Bean Cobain. Granted, it would be a cold-hearted person indeed who characterized Cobain’s life so far as “fortunate” — no one who has a parent commit suicide has had an easy go of it. But rather than taking whatever rage or sadness she has out in the public eye, Cobain has kept a relatively low profile, and now, her 26-year-old fiance confirms that the two are indeed “homebodies.”

Isaiah Silva told People that “We’re homebodies. We don’t go out to clubs so you won’t find us stumbling out of them with Lindsay Lohan. We stay at home, read books and watch ‘Arrested Development.'”

I mean, there’s no need to drag LiLo into this — what did she ever do to you, Isaiah? — but the idea is clear: Cobain and her manpeice aren’t going to be flaunting their fame and their love-y love around for your viewing enjoyment. So back the eff off.