free meal

Okay, so there is such a thing as a free meal, and wonderful things come as a result of it.

I’m sort of in love with this story. Apparently, some very nice man named Pankaj Shah likes to go out to a restaurants and buy meals for other couples. He asks the waiters to tell him which couple looks as though they are the most in love, and then he (anonymously) covers the cost of their meal. It’s a really nice thing to do, right? I think it’s the kind of thing that we all like to think we’d do if we suddenly won a million dollars.

So, this is already a story about people being nice that is about to get even better.

Apparently, Shah was out at a restaurant, and the waiter told him that a couple he’d picked up the check for three years ago had come in. Shah asked the manager if he was sure it was same couple, and they had the following conversation:

Manager: That couple I chose, they’re here.
Pankaj: How would you know that?
Manager: Dude just got down on one knee and proposed.
Pankaj: Huh?  What?
Manager: We went over and asked why they chose this place, and the guy said they were sitting at that same table three years ago and some stranger paid for their meal and made them think about kindness and love and they’ve been talking about it ever since.  They’ve incorporated it into their lives and said there was no other place he could have proposed, it was their most impactful memory.


The couple invited Shah to their wedding.

So, if you have the means, remember that reaching out to people and doing nice things for them can make a difference in their lives. And there is apparently such a thing as a free meal! Just look really in love every time you go into a restaurant.

Pic via Wikipedia