Anthony Weiner just gets shadier and shadier. First, the pictures of his junk and bare chest, and the lewd online conversations with at least six women. Then, the revelation that his sexting and sex-tweeting (…sweeting?) may have begun just two months after he got married.

Now, the New York Times reports that Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, who has stayed all but completely quiet about the scandal, is pregnant:

“Ms. Abedin, 35, is in the early stages of pregnancy, according to three people with knowledge of the situation.”

Dude. Dude.

Whereas some of us once wondered whether what Weiner did was really that bad, it’s now pretty apparent that Anthony Weiner is a huge dick.

In fact, betraying your pregnant wife is as clichéd a dick move as it gets.

Abedin, who works as an aide to Hillary Clinton (…yep) hasn’t commented publicly yet, and Weiner has stated that he and his wife will stay together and work things out. Weiner also apparently made a call to Bill Clinton, who happened to officiate his wedding to Abedin. The call was allegedly to make a personal apology for his actions, but you kind of have to assumed that he asked for some…advice.

The more we hear about Weiner, too, the more apparent it becomes that getting involved in the riskiest of the risky situations was part of the draw for him in all this. According to most of his mistresses, such as they are, he pursued them rather doggedly. Meagan Broussard, the one who wrote “hotttt” on his Facebook page, told ABC News that she was surprised by how aggressive Weiner was as he sent her sexually suggestive messages and eventually a picture of his penis:

“He was very personal with his own business…I didn’t think it was him. Why would someone in that position be doing this? I just thought it was risky, real risky…I just didn’t understand why he wanted to talk to me so much and even in our exchanges I did say, like, ‘why are you so open?’…it wasn’t like I was chasing him at all.”

Whatever the psychological factors at play here may be, we’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: if you’re not into monogamy, don’t get married. (Or, enter into an open marriage, and still, if you’re a politician, learn how to use Twitter if you plan to use it to send half-naked pictures of yourself.)