Insta-bride #asUwish

If you haven’t heard about Fordham University’s new favorite Twitter, FU_Makeouts, you’re lucky. It’s an account devoted entirely to posting photos of unsuspecting people hooking up in public. Who submits the pics? Sometimes, it’s people’s friends — an act that’s directly encouraged in the description of FU_Makeouts:

Because PDA is practically a core requirement… Embarass your friends. Send us your pics. Fordham University

(As a side note, could spelling please be named a core requirement?)

Besides people depositing their alleged friends’ intimate moments on the Internet, strangers can submit photos, too. There seem to be a lot of ones from people whose primarily goal of the evening is to snap shots of other people having fun:

FU_makeouts selfie FU_makeouts selfie 3

Pro-tip, college students: By all means, have a good time, but if your fun revolves around taking pictures of people you don’t know hooking up, you need to find more entertaining activities to do with your Saturday nights.

All sad voyeuristic aspects aside, I’m actually torn on the moral component of this concept. To be fair, these people are partaking in PDA, seemingly without regard to who’s watching or what setting they’re in. But does that mean they should have their photos taken and posted without their consent? Eh, I’m not so sure. And according to Daley Quinn’s article for The Ram Realm, some students are feeling uncomfortable with it, too:

A friend of mine (name withheld for her privacy) told me, “I was hooking up with this guy at Howl the other weekend, and all I could think about was whether our picture would show up on FU_Makeouts the next day. I couldn’t even enjoy it!”

Another Fordham student, Ali Sorrento, FCRH ’14, would prefer for the account to be deleted. Sorrento said, “I don’t like FU_Makeouts because I think it’s immoral. By uploading pictures of two people hooking up onto the Internet, you are basically making an intimate moment into a complete joke.”

While I would argue that the intimacy is removed when you make out with somebody in public, I just think it’s an overall stupid concept that will make people anxious about getting their photographs taken and put up on the Internet without their consent.

There’s also the matter of slut shaming and how it primarily affects women. It is a rare occasion indeed that a guy hooking up with a female in public provokes cries against his integrity, his morals, his “cleanliness,” while the same act leads to women being labeled dirty, slutty whores with low standards and “no class.”

It’s not the people making out that make this Twitter a disgusting shitshow; it’s the fact that this is the quality of student-produced entertainment. (God, I sound old and grumpy, but that’s probably an accurate depiction of my personality so oh well.) Nevertheless, a concept like this was very, very inevitable. There are so many other schools doing the exact same thing; I remember my own had Juicy Campus which, thank goodness, I was only discussed once (gracias, anonymous person who liked my hair!). People love shaming other people because (A) it makes them feel better about their own shame if they do something dumb, (B) judging lots of other people’s love lives is a lazy, easy way of entertaining yourself and (C) it will make you popular on the Internet.

So that, my friends, is why I wore a moderate disguise to my freshman year’s foam party/Undie Run. Now get off my lawn, you crazy kids.

[H/T The Ram Realm via The Frisky; Photo: Twitter]