Fundawear vibrating underpants by Durex

Long-distance couples might be able to get a bit closer now that somebody has invented vibrating underwear that can be controlled with a smart phone app.

Durex says its “Fundawear” vibrating underpants could be “the future of foreplay.” The line includes a bra, women’s underpants, and a pair of boxer briefs for the guys. Vibrating underwear isn’t exactly new, but designers say the Fundawear version takes the concept beyond mere vibration. The bras and underpants have been fitted with mini actuators that are meant to simulate the feel of a touch rather than just a random buzzing. There are five in each bra cup and six in the underpants, and they’re controlled by a smart phone app, which suddenly makes a high score on Draw Something seem a whole lot sexier.

It’s totally silly on the surface, but technical director Ben Moir says that once people stop giggling about it, they’ll definitely want a pair.

“After the laughter had stopped, we knew it was going to be an awesome project,” he said to The Daily Mail. “People will want this.”

The fun underwear is being marketed to long-distance couples as a way of keeping in touch (everything sounds like an innuendo when you’re talking about vibrating underpants) and livening up some Skype-based sexy times. The company introduced the concept with a YouTube video showing a telegenic long-distance couple trying out the new toys and getting quite a kick out of them.

The buzzing underpants aren’t for sale yet, but the Durex Australia Facebook page is holding a contest to find some amorous beta testers to help with the next phase of development.

Via The Daily Mail/Photo: Durex Australia