wedding couple

Weddings are utter and total madness, right? If you’re planning your own wedding, you can do everything right and still have your guests show up and screw the entire thing up. An honest wedding invitation is making the rounds on Reddit, and if it’s real, I would very much like to meet the couple who put this thing together. I’d even like to go to their wedding, and behave myself.

honest wedding invitation

This thing covers the gamut of bad wedding behavior–showing up with more guests than were invites (this is shockingly common–one Reddit commenter even mentioned that her sister invited two guests to her wedding, and they RSVP’d for eight), getting into a fight, gifting off registry, or my favorite: passive aggressive veganism.

This invitation is a pretty hilarious summation of what could possibly go wrong at a wedding, which is one hell of a lot. What’s most terrifying about wedding planning shouldn’t be finding the right dress, a castle to get married in, or perfecting your entrance dance–it should be the fact that the majority of the people in attendance are weirdos you can’t control. You can control your mason jars and flower arrangements, but you can’t control which of your college friends decides to hook up with your little sister. People are really nightmares.

So, on that note, I think we should give up the whole pretense of having perfect weddings and just lean into the idea that it’ll be a shit show. A fun, beautiful shit show during which you get to marry someone, dance, wear something pretty, and have people adore you. Perfect is boring. A fight at your wedding is exciting. Send this invitation out for your wedding so you know which kind to expect.

Photo: Mila Supinskaya/Shutterstock