There’s a common misconception out there about us, ladies, which is that we prefer the company of assholes to the company of good men.

Well, I’m here to dispute that un-truism, and I’m here to do it with a gallery. The following men are all, as far as I can tell, good people.

To define “good person” further, I’ll say that as far as I know they have never cheated on their partners, participated in dog-fighting, supported a political agenda that robs people of their rights, lied to the public or laundered money, among others. They all also give off that “good person” vibe, which I think is really what we’re after (if women are attracted to a bad-boy vibe, then in theory — the theory I’m about to disprove the shit out of — we would be unattracted to a good-guy vibe).

All that said, if I were single, I would tap each and every one of these if given the chance. Behold…the good (and hot, and sexy) guy gallery:[ITPGallery]