I’m not sure if I’m “one of the guys.” I think it depends on the situation. I wear heels most of the time, don’t know shit about sports (or other stereotypical “guy” things), and I have more female friends than male ones.

A few months ago Lindsay Cross had her take on what she constitutes a woman who’s “one of the guys.” According to her, “You want to know what makes a person one of the guys? Having a penis. That’s what does it.” This caused commenters to respond in both agreement with what she had to say and against her ideas on the topic.

I’m not sure what’s so wrong with being “one of the guys,” but I’m also the same person who has always regarded herself as a “tomboy” — another term with which some women have an issue. It’s a term that I don’t see as being negative in the least, and one that I’ll probably use until I die. I’m not into labels, but this is one I use for myself, and I don’t see what the big deal is.

Although I may have defined myself as “one of the guys” in college, I’ve since lifted the term. Not because I’m against it, but I’m just not anymore. I wear lipstick, dammit! (See? Stereotype!)

However, there are many women I know who staunchly regard themselves as “one of the guys.” Not only that, but they pride themselves on it. Cool. Good for them. Internet high-five coming at them, too. But with any label, term, stereotype or definition, if that’s how you do live your life there are always pros and cons of pigeonholing yourself. That’s just how life rolls, so you better get used to it.


Photo: Will Bullas