You may have heard of a website called “eHow.” On it, contributors post articles about how to do things. For instance: how to make a backyard garden onion flatbread, and how to overhaul your linen closet.

I myself have often found this website to be both informative and useful. I’ve relied on it to learn how to do things like create a successful spreadsheet, or open a jar of apple butter when the top has become stuck and all other options have, maddeningly, failed.

But I’ve recently stumbled across a post that I wouldn’t expect to find on eHow, or on any other advice site, for that matter, and it is called “Ways to Check if Your Boyfriend Is a Criminal.”

I suppose the main reason for my surprise is that I wonder if perhaps a person seeking out this kind of article might be better served by a post entitled, “How to Extricate Yourself From a Relationship With a Criminal,” “It’s a Red Flag If You Suspect Your Boyfriend Might Be a Criminal,” or indeed, “How to Avoid Getting in a Relationship With a Criminal In The First Place.”

Along those lines, here are a few things that we at The Gloss would recommend that you do if you think you might be dating a criminal, in addition, of course, to hiring a private investigator.