the life of a third wheel

Have you ever been a third wheel?

Our guess is that many people experience the sad, alienating life of a third wheel when they’re most vulnerable to feeling sad and alienated by it: as teenagers. After all, by one’s earlier twenties, one knows better than to hangout solo with a couple (especially new, hyper-affectionate ones). There are exceptions to the rule, of course–some considerate couples are able to unlock their mouths for a few hours and behave like individuals–but for the most part, playing third wheel is a bummer.

…Unless you have a good sense of humor about it, that is. Which brings us to this week’s most entertaining Reddit thread: The Life of a Third Wheel.”

“I went to NYC with my girlfriend and her friend,” explains Redditor DigZag, “She made this photo album. Presenting: The Life of a Third Wheel.”

And you can probably guess what happens from there:


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