google doodle valentines day

In a nod to Valentine’s Day, today’s Google Doodle is a beautiful collection of love stories told through candy hearts–six hearts, six love stories. Ranging from high school flirtation to a moment of doubt in a marriage to an aborted first kiss attempt, the stories were provided by public radio show This American Life and might be the best Valentine’s Day themed project I’ve seen in years.

To be fair, I am a pretty big This American Life fan, and just the sound of Ira Glass‘ voice introducing the first story got me feeling emotions. I am the exact audience for This American Life because I’m hugely susceptible to their specific brand of sentimentality. But I think this project might be more universal–it’s love stories.

The six stories also have beautiful animated artwork to illustrate each one, starting with a person’s high school crush, a woman who had doubts the day after her wedding day and never doubted again, best friends who were too busy falling in love to actually make out, a middle schooler with a crush, a blind date that worked, and the one that got me most–a married couple musing about how they don’t get to live forever.

I know I’m revealing myself as a huge sap right now, but it’s Cupid’s birthday so I hope you’ll cut me a small amount of slack. Indulge me as I talk about the story titled “4Ever Yours.” A man was recounting his wedding weekend and said that as it wound down, he started to come down from the adrenaline rush and crash. He realized that one day, he will die and his husband will die and there’s not really such a thing as forever. His husband interjects and says “Yes, my dear. That’s true. One of us will die and then the other will die and it will be over. But, we have now.”

Go listen to these stories and then Google pictures of puppies. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Photo: Google